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How To Turn Low-Commission Customers Into High-Paying Happy Clients

Selling services for the highest fee possible is every agency’s ideal outcome. So, is it a “pie-in-the-sky” dream, or something anyone can attain?

A daunting task for many BDMs and Property Managers today, is successfully selling to clients high-end commission rates.

Those extra additional services (the one’s we know every leasing campaign and management desperately needs), such as letting fees, renewal fees, advertising costs, photography and copywriting, can be pretty tough to justify to a cost-conscious landlord.

They just can’t see the value.

The thing is, it is possible to sell your services AND charge top commissions. You just need to know how. It all starts with changing the way you look at your service.

Make Their Lives Easier

When you sell your services to a potential landlord, you’re not actually selling them a bunch of tasks that you do for them – you’re providing a solution to their problem.

People invest in products and services because they want to make their lives easier. In fact, business would fail to exist if there weren’t problems to solve.

There will always be clients who want help leasing and managing their properties. It’s just a matter of how much they’ll be willing to pay for it.

In order to pay well, they need to see the value in what it is you do for them.

Ask yourself this . . . ‘Do the fees you charge, reflect the level of service and outcome you provide?’

Over 85% of businesses today greatly underestimate the value they contribute to their clients businesses and lives. This is mainly because they are basing their fees on their “time” and not on the “value” they provide.

How To Work Smart

An agency will struggle to grow and thrive in the long term if it only runs on a “hours for dollars” model. A smart business however, knows how to leverage their services to maximise profit and increase the “asset” value of their business.

When I work with my clients, I show them how the services and products they already provide, can be transitioned into a high-end model that guarantees them more money.

A model that not only has them successfully securing the highest commission rate, but also satisfying every level of client at the same time.

So how you can successfully transition from charging low fees to high fees, and still have your clients lining up for your business?

Here’s are some of my best recommendations that show off your value like a charm:

Create Packages

The ideal way to “add value” to your services is to create a package for your clients.

If you’re a modern rental agency who focuses on offering their clients a professional marketing campaign, similar to the standard of a sales campaign (and I sincerely hope you do), then bundling your services to increase value is an excellent strategy.

Typically, a BDM sells the benefits of a professional marketing campaign to a landlord, by convincing them that they need to stand out in the marketplace and give a great first impression – and that’s all correct, of course.

Problem is, as they start pointing out each service and it’s cost to their client (professional photographer fees, copywriting, signboard, premium ad placing and so on), the client starts focusing on their growing list of “expenses” and immediately starts thinking how their bank account will be squeezed to the max.

Instead, what you can do, is bundle together all those professional marketing services into one exclusive package and charge for them accordingly. Your client pays a one-off payment fee (eg; $300) and receives the entire package of marketing services to present their property in the best light.

Packaging services, also gives you the ability to negotiate a ‘bundle rate’ from your service providers and pass on the discounted rate to your landlord. Which means when highlighting the full value of the package, you’re able to show them how much they save.

Suddenly, that long list of “expenses” becomes a wonderful “add on” service that is so much more attractive to your clients (and potentially more cost-effective), without you having to haggle or justify the cost.

Give Choice With Tiers

Now, we know that with every property listing, standard management fees apply. But what if a client could choose the level of service they preferred?

Creating tiers for your packages, is yet another way to increase the perceived value for your clients.

For example, offer 3 tiers that compliment your clients needs, such as Bronze, Silver and Gold. Package each tier, so each offers a different levels of management services, that appeal to the various needs and priorities for their property, at that time.

Take these examples as a guide:

Bronze Package

This first tier gives your landlords all the property management basics and charges your minimum rate. Aim for it to appeal to landlord’s on a tight budget, but without any “extra special” services.

Property Management basics:

  • Professional administration & trust accounting
  • Incoming & Outgoing Routine Inspection
  • Standard Condition Report
  • Standard Listing on
  • 4 x Open for inspections (Sat)
  • Monthly Statement of Accounts
  • 1 x Annual Routine Inspection

Silver Package

The 2nd tier package should be designed to offer the best value for your landlords. It should include the most popular services you provide, along with a few “special extras” you already offer as a professional agency.

Gold Package

The 3rd or top level tier includes exclusive add-ons, only for the highly discerning landlord. Of course, this will appeal to just a few of your select clients, but is a chance to showcase the full range of services you can provide.

Property Management absolute:

  • Incoming & Outgoing Inspection with colour photography
  • Condition Report with photos and walk-through video
  • Premium Listing on
  • Open for inspections Sat & Wed’s
  • Tenant Database invitations to view
  • Same Day Rent Payment Guarantee perhaps
  • 3-4 x Routine Inspections with video tours
  • Annual Complimentary Full Sales Valuation

Think Outside The Square

You could also get creative and add a whole range of “extra” add-on services that you could bundle or include in your packages. Services such as:

  • professional carpet cleaning
  • annual spring clean
  • regular gardening services
  • handyman check ups
  • gutter cleaning service

Now that you have a variety of management packages for to choose from, you have something more tangible you can sell – rather than just a percentage fee that is deducted at the end of each month.

Walk Your Talk

It’s important to point out, that whilst it’s all good to paint a wonderful picture of the value you will provide – the real art is ensuring you deliver it.

You must do what you said you would to justify your new value proposition.

You must also make your fees on those packages non-negotiable and stand behind the value you know they provide.

The great thing about focusing on “value” instead of just the services you provide, means you’ll start filtering out those landlords who are only interested in securing the cheapest rate possible.

And that’s totally fine. Let them go to someone else, who is happy to undercharge and work with clients who don’t value their work.

Yes, you may not secure every clients, but at the end of the day you’ll be charging more money and working with the RIGHT clients. Clients, who believe what you believe, understand the process you provide, and know it enhances the value they have signed up for.

And here’s the biggie – you’ll be freeing up your time, so you can provide a better service to those ideal clients.

Very cool right!?

So whenever you’re communicating what you offer to new (or existing) clients, make sure they understand the VALUE and the OUTCOME that you provide for them.

With a few minor adjustments to the way you currently offer your services and a whole new focus on “value adding,” you soon could be generating bigger profits with way less hustle and much more finesse.

Now that’s a business model I’d want to be a part of any day!

If you’d like to know more about ways you can enhance “value” or how to train your team to do so, get in touch for a complimentary 1 hour Clarity and Strategy Session with Vas here

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