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The Core Experience

At Core Property Management Consulting, we don’t just focus on your business. We focus on leadership development, organic property management growth and creating successful systems and process that actually work. We do this by making it our priority to really get to know you. To take the time to understand your core needs, your strengths and your goals. To identify your key development areas and your limiting challenges.  Get to know Vas.

Vasili Hadzellis

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    Why Core?

    We provide a roadmap to drive your business forward. We smooth out any current challenges and fuel your team with powerful strategies, tools and systems to accelerate their growth of new managements and have the back end systems to support it.

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    Our Vision

    Our purpose is to help you accelerate your Property Management business. We are on a mission to change the “culture” of Property Management and revolutionise it so it focuses on providing your clients and amazing Property Management experience.

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    We’re Custom

    Unlike other Property Management training and coaching businesses, we don’t attempt to do it from a box seat. We actually live, breathe and experience your business as one of your team. We do all of this before we start to design your custom made program.

So much of affecting change in business boils down to the confidence and courage to simply try.

Property Management Training for your property management team

Core Property Management Consulting empowers Property Managers and delivers content-rich education sessions with real tools and strategies to activate effective change both at the corporate franchise level and at the local office level.

Whilst our property management training is our core focus, we pride ourselves on delivering high quality, best practice, market specific programs and training curriculum, that have a true and valuable impact no matter what the industry.

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Accelerate the property management side of your business

Our consulting services are highly personalised and unique and span a whole variety of industries. Before we even start designing your custom-made program, we begin by really getting to know and understand your business from the inside out.

With a strong focus on systems and processes, rent roll growth strategies, leadership development, and productivity outcomes, we have the ability to channel the great resources you already have, as well as identify core strategies you need to implement to boost your bottom line.

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Skyrocket results with focused mentoring and guidance

Whether you’re a business owner or individual property management team member, you’ll unlock your full potential with laser-focused mentoring that accelerates your results. Get clear about your big vision, personal goals and the all-important ‘why.’ Discover what’s holding you back, resolve any issues and receive expert advice that propels you toward success. You can enjoy your coaching session via phone, Skype or over coffee – the only other thing you need is to commit to yourself!

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A compelling speaker who will challenge your thinking

Our Managing Director, Vasili Hadzellis, captivates and empowers Property Managers, Senior Managers and Business Owners across the country with content-rich keynote presentations.

Not only does Vasili inspire his audience to be more and do more, he also educates, motivates and leaves you with a toolbox of strategies you can put to use immediately.

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Benefit from out client exclusive online resources

Core Property Management Consulting online “client exclusive” resource centre is a collection of documents, checklists, procedures and video training modules providing invaluable information for you and your team.

There is also our virtual hang out for Property Managers – CoreTV, for those savvy managers who love to keep up-to-date with the latest industry trends, watch interviews from property management professionals from all across the country.

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There are no limitations to what we can offer you

Our innovative services include:

  • Business growth and profitability – consulting & program development
  • Organisational PM business models & structure & design consultation
  • Culture & leadership development
  • Social media strategy
  • Individual & team performance tracking tools – KPI’s
  • Online learning tools
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Transforming your Property Management from the inside out

A successful outcome for any business includes a vision, taking action and leadership. This only works if both the leader and team are ready, willing and able to do the work. At Core Property Management Consulting we practice co-active business training, property management training and property management consulting. This means we partner with our clients to unlock the full potential of their business from the inside out – all of us working together via a 4-step process to reach the finish line.

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    Step 1: Clarity

    Our journey begins with your initial Clarity Session. Here we discover everything there is to know about you and your business. Working with the agency principal or business owner, we look at what is currently working and not working in the Property Management side of your business. Together, we analyse the current structure, systems and results and clearly define the big picture vision for your business.

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    Step 2: Discovery

    We spend a day working in your office, literally putting ourselves in your property management team’s shoes. We conduct interviews with each team member to determine their strengths and challenges. We present our findings to the business owner, which includes a review of current property management software, reporting systems, functionality, KPI’s and customer service practices. The report outlines our findings, an industry benchmark comparison and recommended strategies to achieve your outcomes.

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    Step 3: Acceleration

    We deliver a series of expert property management training and property management consulting phases, customised to achieve your unique business outcomes. This may include; director mentoring, motivational team workshops, property management team training, leadership and management training, staff recruitment, development of procedures, organic rent roll growth, synergistic strategies for referral and collaboration between property management and sales teams, KPI program implementation and performance tracking.

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    Step 4: Maintenance & Monitoring

    At Core Property Management Consulting we don’t give you a whole bunch of great ideas then disappear into the horizon. We make it our mission to follow through with our recommendations and help you achieve your goals. We provide maintenance and monitoring follow-up program to ensure you and your team are staying on track and building great momentum.

Property management is about people, it’s about creating a fantastic experience.

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Brands we have worked with

We are working in some of the best brands in Real Estate across the country. Some of them include: