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In Pursuit of the Awesome Customer Experience

Many agencies put a lot effort into creating a great first impressionfor their clients, but its few who deliver an awesome customer experience.

Whilst great first impressions give that instant “wow” factor (think, sleek contemporary offices, eye-catching branding and glossy brochures), it’s the entire customer experience you create for your landlords and tenants, that results in long-term clients and referrals for years to come.

All That Glitters Is Not Gold

Recently, I was looking to book a hotel room. The hotel I went with, came highly recommended with a long list of fantastic reviews: ’It’s really lovely,” “Close to everything you need, “it’s a brand new building,’ and ‘such a great price!”

Going ahead with my booking, was an easy decision.

Checking into the hotel however, was a very different scenario.

In the lead up to my stay, all I could think about was, how amazing this hotel would be. And on first impressions it was. The building was impressive and beautifully designed. The brand new interiors were fresh and clean, and the modern decor reflected a cool hipster vibe.

But as I approached the reception desk to check in, I was greeted (or rather ignored), by two people with their heads buried in computer screens. After waiting for what seemed like an eternity for them to look up, I was finally addressed with a lukewarm – ‘May I have your credit card please, Sir?’ Really?! Not exactly the enthusiastic welcome, you would expect for a new customer!

Mr “Un-Hospitality,” was only interested in listing the technicalities of my stay – ‘Your room is 302. You’ll find it on level 3. ‘Check out is at 11am.’ ‘Oh, and if you need anything just dial 0 on the phone in your room.’

I may as well have been greeted by a robot!

There was no “Hello” or “Welcome to our fabulous hotel”. There was no, “How was your flight?,’ or “Have you stayed with us before?” Heck, they didn’t even make a fanfare about their fabulous new hotel, with all its bells and whistles!

This clearly was a business based purely on a transactional model. Just check each person in, then swiftly move them along! Next. Next. Next.

An establishment that focuses purely on their “product” only to attract new clients. Problem is, simply relying on your product to attract clients will never be enough.  It’s the experience you provide that sets you apart as a brand and business (and retains your clientele).

Delivering on Your Promise

Just like we choose a hotel based on the great reviews it receives, a new landlord usually chooses an agency, based on what they have heard about the agency, or indeed, the BDM in front of them at the listing presentation.

The BDM will sit in the landlord’s lounge room and describe all the amazing benefits of signing with their agency – how great their agency is, how they’ll secure the perfect tenant, and, the great service provided by the property management team.

It’s an enticing promise. But will the agency, deliver on that promise?

You want to make your client feel awesome at every stage of doing business with you. To be “seen” and “heard” and acknowledged. To be appreciated for choosing your agency.

After all, they did choose “you” over everyone else.

Creating an Awesome Customer Experience for Landlords & Tenants

Let’s look at the ways you can ensure your clients receive an awesome customer experience:

For Landlords

  1. Offer to Help
    When a landlord receives their very first end of month statement, give them a call and offer to go through the document with them. They’ll appreciate you helping them to understand how to read it, and it gives them the opportunity to ask you any questions they may have.
  1. Pro-Active Feedback
    Don’t wait for a landlord to chase you for updates during the leasing process. Instead, call them at least 3 times with regular updates about the potential tenant’s interest &/or feedback. In addition, ensure you call them every Saturday and Monday with a full report after each weekend’s open.
  1. Make It Personal
    Nothing says I care, more than a handwritten note. Prepare a handwritten thank you card in advance, so you can leave it in your new landlord’s letterbox after winning the listing. Highlight in your note, how excited you are to work on their behalf and start the leasing and management process for their property.
  1. Share Your Expertise
    Owners are always curious to know what their property may be worth, so if a property goes up for sale in the same street or around the corner, call the landlord and let them know. Every time there is a new sale in the area, the value of their property can increase. Therefore, providing them with sale updates, may alert a landlord to use equity they didn’t know they had, and invest in another property. Another property means another management.

For Tenants

  1. Make It About Them
    The lease signup appointment is the perfect opportunity to make your tenants feel fully appreciated. Rather than just focusing on their legal requirements as a tenant, highlight that they’re an important customer for the agency too. You can share with them what to expect from you as their managing agent, introduce them to your routine inspection process and how photos and videos protect all parties involved. Most tenants can feel intimidated by inspections, and worried you’ll take photos of their personal stuff. Reassure them, by showing them examples of what a routine report looks like, so you can put their mind at ease.
  1. Warm Welcome
    Providing tenants with a “Welcome to your new home” gift, when they first move in, is a wonderful gesture. You can include helpful information such as, the night garbage is collected and council pick up days, guides to the local area and community events, plus discount vouchers for local restaurants or cafes.
  1. In the loop
    CC the tenant on a work order sent so that they know that a tradesperson has been engaged to attend to their repair request. The tenant then knows you’ve gotten on to the repair and the tenant has the contact details of the tradesperson.

Whenever you create a customer experience that surprises and delights your landlord and tenant every step of the way, you’re guaranteed you’ll have clients that will love doing business with you for life.

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