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The Importance of having great systems in your Property Management business

Vasili Hadzellis interviews Jennifer Grossemy. She is the Senior Property Manager at Richardson & Wrench Bondi Junction.  She has been awarded previously the Property Manager of the Year for Richardson & Wrench nationally. In this interview, you will hear from Jennifer around how having really great processes, systems, checklists is so important in providing a consistent experience to landlords and

AREC2015 take aways for Property Managers

I had the pleasure of attending my 7th AREC and I wanted to share with you some of my takeaways from some of the speakers, so you may think about how to use them as property managers, BDMs, leasing consultants or owners of property management businesses. Now, most property managers, I know are probably thinking that

Key to client retention

Keeping customers makes good business sense yes? But most will say it’s not always easy! There are a lot of case studies and great books to read that speak to creating customer loyalty and some allude to how now more than ever, a lot of businesses have a tendency to become complacent with their customers

AREC2014 take aways for Property Managers

Taking a moment to reflect on the last two days here on the Gold Coast, being at Australia’s largest Real Estate Agent Conference, AREC14, I wanted to summarise and share with you my take aways from some of the speakers. Now Property Managers, I know what you could be thinking…AREC is only for Sales Agents!  Not